The Lovely World of Tacos!

Raging Stubborn box of DEATH! Yield I say, YIELD!!!

New Journal
This is a public entry for everyone. 1nightinholland is offically my primary journal. I'm still going to read friends' entries on this journal. However,I won't be writing in this one anymore.

If you want to be added, comment on LJ, message on MySpace, or send me an e-mail. Have a nice day!!

Thank you for not stabbing me!


This is one of my few (and probably only) public entries. I always forget about peoples' birthdays or I'm not online to wish people happy birthday. So I thought, what the hell? Here's an entry anyone can come to to get a birthday greeting from me!

Is this sort of lame and kind of pointless? I suppose! But you know what? I can do whatever I want on this, because this is my journal.

Have a wonderful day!

Officially Friends Only now!

Friends, make sure to login in, so you'll be able to view my posts.


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